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What do our clients have to say about their experience?

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Judith M.

“I started about 4 months ago.  In the beginning I made a decision to commit myself to the program.  In December my A1c was 7.1 and now its 6.3 so I’m happy. Due to that, my doctor took one of my medications away and I have one more to go so I’m looking forward to continuing with Dr. Botelho.”

Genevieve T.

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Botelho’s office for 3 weeks and I have really felt the difference.  I take no more Humalog and I was taking it every meal, 15 units. I take none now! I feel really sincerely that if everybody knew how they would feel on this program they would do it in a minute because it’s done wonders for me.”

Louie B.

“About 10 years ago I started feeling super tired, very lethargic, so my family decided that I needed to go get a physical.  I get into the doctor and he says, ‘You have diabetes, Type II diabetes.’ And it scared the hell outta me because its’ like, ‘Okay, I’m dead, it’s over.’  At that time my morning resting rate was 288, my A1c was 17.4, didn’t know what that meant but then I found out a normal person’s range is supposed to be 5.7 and I was like, wow.  I was on Metformin, Glipizide, Bydureon, Invokana, Trulicity, Toujeo, Humalog, and I got the A1c down to a whopping 12. Then comes along September 8, 2012, at 5:10 in the afternoon and I decided to die twice and I tried dying two more times.  I end up having a triple bypass. I get out of the hospital and decided that I was going to really crack down, really gonna eat healthily, and I’m going to get off all the meds. I got my A1c all the way down to 11. Went along, kept doing it, did it for 5 ½ years and I got it down to 10.  What the funny thing is, when I got it down to 9.9 my general practitioner and my endocrinologist no longer were harping on me to get my numbers down. I got down under 10 and it’s like everything is fine now. No, it’s not. June 12th, 2018 I’m reading the Press-Enterprise online and see this advertisement that you all saw.  June 19th we go to a seminar with Dr. Botelho and these people are unbelievable.  They’re really fantastic. The way they talk to you, the way they treat you, the way they explain to you.  The knowledge that they have is absolutely incredible. Everything you listen to, commercials whatever, there is one magic word they use and its ‘manage’.  You manage it until you’re no longer here. On June 23rd and we decided were gonna become part of the family.  I started the actual program on July 3rd, I’ve been in it 3 months, at this time no Trulicity no Bydureon, no Humalog, and no Toujeo.  I’ve lost 38 pounds and that’s from eating healthy. You don’t eat like a rabbit, you actually get to eat food.  Whatever the program is I here to tell you it’s fantastic and it works, it really does. It’s unbelievable, you think about your family and your kids and that is what drives all this.”

Don W.

“I feel compelled to share my story.  My name is Don and I’m 62 years old. I was over 300 pounds, I’m a patient and I’ve lost 63 pounds.  My A1c was 8.2, last checked it was 5.7. This program has done incredible things for me, I was on 6 different medicines and now I’m on one pill and that’s soon to go away.  I eat more now than I ever ate. It’s a life changing thing to think about losing diabetes I watched it through my family. My father had the biggest blue eyes that you ever did see and he couldn’t see out of them because he lost his eyesight from diabetes.  My brother went on dialysis, my grandfather lost his leg, my uncle lost his leg, and I was headed in that direction. This program is real. I’ve seen the ugly part of diabetes and I’m so thankful and blessed for Dr. Botelho and his staff helping me to keep me on track.  I was wearing tennis shoes all the time because my feet hurt so bad from the neuropathy and I get to wear my boots now! Things are changing and its real, it really is. I was that guy that didn’t believe in any of this and I feel differently.”

Thyroid Patients





Joanne F.
San Diego, CA

“I was way too heavy and overweight. I had trouble breathing and got winded just walking from the car to the house. I realized that I needed to lose 100 pounds, but I was frustrated because it took too long to lose weight. After going through Dr. Lim’s program, I lost 40 pounds during this 43-day diet program. And then I took a six week break. I started the program again and lost an additional 20 pounds, totaling 60 pounds all together. I feel good and can walk for two hours and ride my bike without getting winded. I stopped taking medications for my sinus issues because my sinuses don’t bother me anymore. My knees don’t hurt, and my ankles don’t hurt. My sciatica leg pain went away. My lower back doesn’t hurt anymore. And I feel GREAT!!”

Terry C.
Escondido, CA

“A friend referred me to Dr. Lim. I had a lot of muscle cramps in my lower back due to a motorcycle accident. I couldn’t go to work, I had to sleep in a chair, and I was very uncomfortable in my daily movements. So I had gone to an M.D. and was given medication and recommended physical therapy. I have had previous experience with other chiropractors where I didn’t experience the same results/relief as I have with Dr. Lim. With Dr. Lim’s chiropractic care, and my pain has greatly subsided. Now I can sleep in my bed. I don’t have to sleep in a chair anymore.”

Angelena Y.
San Diego, CA

“Due to falling flat on my back onto a music stand as a child, I have had many headaches. My left eye seemed to drift off more often. After having my three boys, it was hard to read them books or to play with them. I took Tylenol nearly every day for years, which didn’t help some days. After the first visit with Dr. Lim, I had already felt a huge improvement! I realized I had no recurring headaches. I can get on the floor with my kids and do every activity I want with them. Plus, I can hold my eyes straight, and when I am really tired, my left eye does not wander much at all! Thank you, Dr. Lim, for everything you have done for me.”